A few weeks back I met up with my pal Pete. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so we had a lot of ground to cover: work, life, and our collective fitness goals. As the subject turns to fitness I lament that I seem to have lost my spark this past year. I had a little accident which derailed me for a couple of months and it’s been hard to get back on the wagon after having gained back a few pounds and lost some of my self-confidence. Once I finally got back into the swing of things, all that going to the gym and eating seemingly endless salads hadn’t made all that much difference in terms of the physical shape of me. Truth be told It’s gotten me down. Pete talks me off the ledge and then, in his typical no-nonsense, matter of fact way, blurts: “Laurie, you aren’t hard on yourself, you are downright vicious”. ME? Vicious? I ponder while he continues chattering away. I feign listening but my mind is still processing under the weight of his words and I'm miles away. Surely, He can’t be talking about ME? I don’t have a vicious bone in my ... The thought trails off before I even finish thinking it because honestly, he’s RIGHT, He’s totally RIGHT. I am, and always have been, REALLY, REALLY hard on myself. I have super high expectations of what I SHOULD be, SHOULD do, SHOULD look like. I pop back into the moment while Pete, with his glimmering blue eyes, looks at me compassionately: "just think about it, Laurie." A half-hearted smile washes across my face as we continue catching up, about what, I can’t remember. Weeks later and his words are still echoing in my head … That’s when I stumble across this 


Interesting. What IF I spent the next year being kinder to ME and to loving myself more. Accepting that I am who I am right now, a perfectly imperfect person who tries her best.  Would I feel less pressure to be someone other than who I am? Could it end with me being less frustrated with the person who stares back at me in the mirror? Would I be able to do more because my mind wouldn't fixate on all the negatives?  Would I be happier? The questions linger and I find myself staring down the barrel of 2018 and thinking it couldn't hurt to, at least, try. 


So, I’m challenging myself, and YOU, to find new ways to be kinder to ourselves every day for the next 365. What that looks like I'm not sure yet. For some, it may mean saying no and taking on a little less, so that we can make time for ourselves. Maybe it will be indulging ourselves with an occasional fun outing we've always wanted. Maybe it means pushing ourselves to try a new class or workout and being okay with whatever the outcome is. It could even just be finding a way of turning off the negative non-stop inner monologue that pollutes our happiness. I don't know exactly what it will look like or how it will play out and I know it will not be easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. 


Happy New Year to all.  May 2018 bring us all an abundance of self-love.


This heartfelt article is a courtesy of Laurie Martel - Thank you for your honest Non Resolution!