I met Julia 16 years ago when I started working at my current full-time job.  I’d switched industries and I was as green as the spring grass and Julia knew it too, not that she ever let on.  She’d been working at the company for 2 years already and I was totally intimidated by how great she was at her job.  She was sweet, kind, patient, as sharp as a tack with business savvy like I’d never seen and a total babe to boot – Some people have all the luck, eh?  To say I was impressed by her would be an understatement.  Over the years, Julia and I grew close in a way I didn’t really realize, that is until she announced she’d be leaving the company after 18 years.  You see, she decided she wanted to get out into the world and enjoy the things she wanted to enjoy before she got “too old” to enjoy them.  When it came time to say goodbye I was at a loss.  I went to the mall to buy her a present but nothing seemed to truly represent all those things I wanted to say.  I mean, how do you buy a present that says: “Thanks for giving me sage advice about work and life. For being a shoulder to lean on when things got super stressful and I needed someone to just listen to my craziness.  For encouraging me, always. For challenging me to see things differently.  For holding my hand when I needed it or kicking my ass when I deserved it.  For being the mum I no longer had and for most importantly accepting me as an equal even when I wasn’t.”   So instead of buying her something that would sit on a shelf collecting dust, I did what I do best and expressed my sentiments in a creative way by inventing The Gin & Jules (Gin being her favourite and Jules being the name I always call her) So, here's to you Jules – Someday when I “grow up”, I wanna be just like you!  Thanks for EVERYTHING!


Here's what you'll need:


3 oz Tanqueray Rangpur gin

3 oz Bottle Green Pomegranate & Elderflower Sparkling presse

2 oz Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic


(serves 2)




Fill each glass half full with ice. Pour half the gin into each  then add half the pomegranate & elderflower sparkling presse then lastly half the lemon tonic water.  To complete your drink, add a wedge of lemon to the edge of your glass and a pretty straw.   




Try your local independent grocery store for interesting drink bases like the 2 we used today.    You'd be surprised how many independent brands are out there if you just have a look for them.  


When it comes to gifts I'm one of those people where sentiment means everything.  If you are more the strong silent type you could always buy all the ingredients, then invite your friend over for a night of mixing up a storm together.  Who could refuse a giggle over some fabulous cocktails?   In my world, the most important thing you can give someone is your time and attention. 


This wonderful Gin cocktail creation is courtesy of Laurie Martel - No, I'm not a chef but I love cooking, baking, mixing cocktails and sharing my creations as a way to express myself