I walk by the fruit market today and can't help but notice the massive neatly stacked pile of watermelons.  At this time of year when it's in its peak season nothing beats a cold wedge of watermelon.  I stand there inspecting them and running through the checklist of how to pick a good one as I grab for the next one.  It should be heavy for its size – CHECK!  A nice yellow spot on the bottom from where it spent time in the hot Texas sun ripening – CHECK!  Then I tap the underbelly and listen for the deep thud - CHECK!  The man standing next to me shoots me a disapproving look as if to say “Lady, stop fondling the fruit and pick one would ya”.  I decide the one I'm holding is coming home with me so I smile sweetly at him, shrug then head to the cash register as he watches me suspiciously.  I pay for it, leave the store then lug it 4 blocks back to my car (Question.  That counts as cardio, RIGHT? Great, just checkin').  I arrive home, pop it into the sink and wash the outer rind before dissecting it into cubes. I'm excited as the sweet aroma of watermelon fills the air.  This is going to be good I think to myself as I pop a chunk into my mouth.  It's super sweet but not overripe – it was worth getting cut-eye from a stranger.  I continue dicing and decide that if agua fresca is just watermelon, water and lime juice why can't I just replace that boring old water with something with a bit more kick.  That's when the Vodka Fresca is born!


Here's what you'll need:


5 cups watermelon – cubed (reserve a few cubes for garnish)

1 cup Grey Goose Vodka

2 oz fresh lime juice

(serves 4)




Add the watermelon cubes, vodka and fresh lime juice to your blender and pulse until all the watermelon is completely liquefied.  Pour into an air tight container and put it in the fridge until completely cold.  Add ice to your glasses then fill with vodka fresca and garnish with a few cubes of watermelon on a skewer.




If your watermelon isn't sweet enough simply add 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar to help boost the sweetness and flavour of the watermelon.


Love slushy summer time drinks?  Freeze the watermelon cubes before blending and you'll have an amazing summertime slush drink with no trip to 7-11 needed.


When it comes to simple recipes like this you'll want to be sure you use the best ingredients possible so use the good vodka – it makes all the difference in the world.



This very yummy Vodka Fresca creation is courtesy of Laurie Martel - No, I'm not a chef but I love cooking, baking, mixing cocktails and sharing my creations as a way to express myself.