Pablo Escobar once had a fake unicorn and wings stapled onto a horse to give his daughter a Unicorn.  Little did he know that the infection would cause the horse to die a couple weeks later.  

Money can't fix stupid.  The below are some other crazy ways some people would spend money if they struck it rich.  



Maybe our favourite way to spend new found money.  Carter from Canada says that If he had a billion dollars he would hire a personal ass wiper.  That is right, someone to wipe his ass everytime he takes a # 2. That is a good waste of your money in our eyes.  



Sara from Sacramento California says that if she wins the 50 million in the state lottery she would buy Facebook and make everyone be her friend.  "I can't get more then 100 friends on Facebook, buying Facebook would be great because I would make everyone to be my friend so I can get over the 100 friend status". When asked how much she thinks Facebook would sell to her for she replied "A couple million dollars"

Michelle Who is 30 from Wisconsin and claims she was named after Michelle Obama (not sure the math works on that one). Says if she wins the lottery she will buy the Mcdonalds she works at and fire her current boss/Owner.  When asked what if she doesn't want to sell, Michelle's reply was "She will sell cause I will pay her double what her business is worth". Im not seeing how this would be bad thing for her current boss but you go girl.  



Kelly 22 from L.A said if she won the lottery she would pay for breast implants for her and all her friends because she wouldn't want there selfies to be out of proportion.  "It's just so tacky the way we do it right now with some us with bigger boobs then others"......Not even sure what to say to this.  

Jacob 24 from Kentucky when asked what he would do with a billion dollars replied "I would find the cure for HIV". That is a great way to spend your money we replied.  Jacob then went on to tell us that "Yeah that way I can bang all the hookers I want and when I get HIV there will be a cure for it so I won't die".....Or you could just not bang hookers or maybe just wrap it up buddy.  



Delia From Detroit would give the 190 million dollar lottery win back "I would not want to give the government any money in taxes.  I would also not want to give up the benefits I get from the government for my 4 kids"........ Ok so lets just leave 125 million after tax you could walk away with alone. 



Kyle from Jacksonville Florida thinks that if he was a billionaire he could convince his wife that he could have another girl live with them.  "I would want to have threesomes every night.  With that kind of money I could convince my wife"......Ok Kyle so chances are that if she would do a 3some it would have happen by now and if you were a billionaire so would your wife be, so not sure how you would "swing" that but good luck to you friend.