1. Good Hygiene! can't say this enough. Make sure you shower, brush your teeth and put some cologne. Don’t go to the extreme either and bathe on cologne. Here is something very important, you need to ensure you don't have bad breath when you go for a kiss, an easy way to do this is to lick your wrist, let it dry for a moment, then take a whiff, use some mints or gum if needed. Bad breath guarantees no second date!


2. Dress appropriate for the date. If you are going to dinner then put on a nice shirt and not just a t-shirt that says “I love boobies” on it, seriously guys!


3. Your appearance should be neat, clean shaven and if you do have facial hair then groom it well, nothing foreign growing out of it! and please not like the guy bellow!


4. Be polite; hold the door for her and also be polite to your servers. Being polite shows that you have good manners and that goes a long way for girls.


5. Compliment her in a genuine way, for example if you really like her smile then mention it. It’s ok to say she looks great in general just don't focus on one body part (Sorry guys not boobies comments yet! Unless you know her really well already which is not the case here).


6. Be creative with your date choice and pay attention to her preferences, for example if she is vegetarian then don’t take her to a steak restaurant! 


7. Pay attention to what she says and engage her, for example if she says she has a daughter and then 10 minutes later you ask if she has kids that won’t go very well. Now to engage her if she mentions she has a daughter then ask her questions about her. Put your phone away, don’t ever text or take calls while on your first date.


8. Pay the bill unless she absolutely insists on splitting it. This is a great old fashion advice and most women love it. Also tip well, some women pay attention to that.


9. Make sure you smile and have eye contact but not creepily staring. Smiling always show that you are enjoying yourself and that will make her feel more comfortable. Eye contact shows her you are interested and also allows you to gauge her interest level.


10. Make sure she knows you would like to see her again, that of course if you do. This takes out the guessing and makes her feel good.