1. Hair Drier can have multiple uses!


2. Being a mom is a 24x7 job! you have to be on call and available at all times!

3.After giving birth to my daughter I learned that laughing when you want to pee is no longer an option ! 

4. Getting a lavatory retriever is a more realistic solution to the problem of replacing the finished toilet paper with a new one.

5. If no roller is available for your dough then use the wine bottle I just finished.

6. My daughter taught me what being an adult is about (by now you must be thinking she is a drunk, relax she just has a part time bartender job)!

7. Useful things to have in the house!

8. I taught my daughter that she needs to save, she taught me that I need to be clearer in the way I communicate my lessons, she saved a year worth of laundry!

9. I love dogs and all animals but they are a responsibility so when my daughter wanted a dog I was very reluctant to it because of lack of time. She taught me that I can be easily convinced when the other option was to get a rat!

10. Do not get her upset! she has taken self defense lessons and can kick ass!