Spring is around the corner at least for most of us in the north and we are extremely excited to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmth!  Instead of the gym this spring why not try some great outdoor activities that are sure to burn some calories and make those workouts a bit more fun! These are exercises we at Soul Snaxs do ourselves so we know they work.



Most towns have access to tennis courts for free.  Some even have lighted courts to play in the darker hours!  Tennis will burn up to 750 calories in an hour.  


The benefits.


1.  Cardio!  A great cardio workout.  Have a few good rallies and you can really get your heart pumping into your upper percentage levels.  


2.  Muscle development!  Your legs, arms and upper body get a great workout.  


3.  Agility!  You work on your agility while stopping and starting chasing the ball in all directions.  






Beach volleyball is a great outdoor activity.  It is fun and you really won't know how hard you are actually working while doing it.  A big plus is that the eye candy for you if you are a guy or a girl is usually pretty amazing!  Expect to burn in the range of 600 calories an hour




1.  Cardio!  Short bursts of running and diving is going to get you sweating and your heart pounding.  


2.  Leg workout!  All the jumping works your quads, gluten and calves like few other sports can.  


3.  Coordination!  It takes some skill to be able to hit the ball in the direction you want it to go.  Every time you hit the sand you will see how much better and easier it gets.


4.  Meet new people!  You can get your exercise on and make new friends on the courts as well.  Win Win!





There is something so cool about getting on a bike and riding some trails or some backroads free of traffic.  Maybe it is the make me feel like a kid again aspect?  Anyways you can burn up to 750 calories an hour on a bike if you hit the right trail or road.  Do it with a friend and the hour can feel like 10 minutes.  




Cardio!  Once again this is good cardio.  You can do a steady pace or find some hilly terrain and really push yourself.  Either way it is great to be outside with the wind in your hair and sun on your face.


Leg work!  If you work your gears you can really get a good burn!  Try to find some good inclines, make your quads burn and it really can feel like squats.  


Fun!  Another workout you can do where time flies and you don't really even know how hard you are working!




This total body work is usually done in a gym.  However bringing it outdoor adds a whole new element to the game.  Bootcamp depending on intensity can burn 800 calories an hour.  




Strength training!  It will make you stronger.  Your whole body will get stronger.  You will be able to do a push up on your toes for maybe the first time ever once you complete a few weeks of bootcamp classes.  


Cardio!  Most bootcamps have a cardio effect that will get your heart rate elevated for the duration of the class.  If you do it alone, try to do some cardio work such as skipping or jumping jacks.  Or burpees and you will see the sweat and heart rate skyrocket!


Confidence!  There is something about kicking butt in a bootcamp class that will give you extra confidence.  Once you see the improvements in your overall fitness you will become more confident!



We at Soul Snaxs have a love/hate relationship with hills.  We love the fact that it may be the best lower body exercise that exists.  We hate the fact that it pushes your body and mind to the limit!

Expect to burn up to 1000 calories an hour depending on how steep the hill is and how hard you push.  




Leg strength!   Think about Sprinters, that is the kind of muscle and power you can build by running hills.  Even just walking hills will build muscle you have never had before.  


Butt workout!   If you pick a steep enough hill, you will feel it in the morning and will see it in the mirror after a few short months.  


Cardio!  Hill sprinting (large hills like pictured below) will test your cardio like no other exercise.  It will make you want to quit, make you want to puke but it will build you one heck of a strong heart.  Walking or running these hills have such a huge benefit to your overall heart health we challenge you to find something better?  


Improves your running!  If you are a runner, adding hill sprints to your routine will allow you to power through smaller hills you used to see as tough on your regular jog.  


Lower impact!  Believe it or not but hill sprinting is actually better for you then flat surfaces because of the way your body works.  Your legs are always bent and since you are not pounding the pavement as hard on your way up and it is way easier on your back and knees.  






Tips.  Do not run down the hill.  Nobody want to be this guy right?