• Let me first say this is not my first 1000 spin class.  It is my first after 5 days of eating and drinking and I am going to pay for it. 

  • The picture here this is actual workout from using myzone hr monitor.  





  • I do not get paid in any way from these companies but I want to explain how the right equipment really makes a huge difference in pushing your limits. We use keiser bikes click here to see keiser website. An amazing smooth ride and gear levels that show up on a screen in front of you.  You are also kept accountable with rpm and watts. Higher watts and rpm mean the more you burn.  

  • The next piece of essential equipment I use is an accurate heart rate monitor. I do not use wrist ones as they tend to cut out during my workouts and are almost never accurate. I use a chest strap like the professionals and doctor's use. The one that I find works the best is myzone. It works well with the keiser bikes to link up heart rate on them.   Click here to see more.  



Ok so the after effects of my 1000 calorie burn.


  • Not going to lie, after the last few days of eating and drinking my body was downright angry with me in spin today.  I almost threw up three times!  I was sucking wind more than normal (heart rate of high 180’s multiple times) and the pretty blonde spin instructor, to me now was the devil but not the sexy devil girl in red lingerie,  more like the devil that is trying to rip my soul out.  I briefly hated her (joking…I think) but I got over it when she told us we were finished and as always I thanked her for the great pain she helped inflict on me.

  • Two hours after I was at my son’s hockey game and I couldn’t sit for two long because I could feel my leg muscles tightening up.  I have also been to the washroom 5 times because of the 3 liters of water I drank during and after class.  

  • My legs feel very tight,  I have been stretching a lot.

  • At around 5pm which was 9 hours after I finished I fell asleep in my office chair,  head to the side and yes I woke up to a chin and shirt full of drool.  Yes I feel like a baby.  

  • 7Pm I am exhausted.  Legs are sore as f*** and I wonder if I will make it to 8pm before I hit the sack.  I am also wondering how weight training will be tomorrow with sore legs.  

  • 5 Hours after, the hunger started.  I have been eating healthy meals today but a lot of them.  On meal 6 now as I type this at 730pm.  

  • Overall the 1000 burn is a tough one after being off for a while.  Maybe I should have eased back into it, gone lighter on the gears……nah no pain no gain right?   Anyway despite feeling tired and sore I have a sense of accomplishment like I beat the devil girl and nobody can take that away from me.  At least not until Thursday when I attempt her again.