Having acne prone skin is difficult enough, add to that sensitive skin and your options become so much less. After years of trying and researching different products these are my Holy Grail products. Please note I don't sell, advertise or receive any compensation for writing about these products. This is just my personal experience and research I want to share here.

1. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: This is my go to product to get a deep cleanse of my skin and also to spot treat any pimple. To make it an even better deal for less than $10 this cheap mask lasts a long time. This product has been raved at Makeupalley which is where I found it, look it up yourself. My skin is tight after using this mask but I moisturize, also I have combination skin and don't get dried up easy.

2. Avene Cleanance MAT lotion: This is my moisturizer of choice, as I said before I have combination skin and I can’t use rich or oily moisturizers because it contributes to redness and blemishes on my skin.  This is not a miracle moisturizer but it keeps my skin moisturized and helps a bit with flare ups. 

3. Topix Replenix Serum CF: This is my savior when my skin just plain hates me, it calms my skin down from redness and helps heals my blemishes, it is recommended for people with rosacea, I don’t think I have it but my skin does get red sometimes. It’s a green tea serum super concentrated with all the goodness of green tea extracts in it, great antioxidant so also antiaging serum which is great bonus given that I'm 38 years old! The downside about it is that is quite pricey but I don’t use it every day so it lasts me a few months. I’m only able to buy this online and it takes some time to arrive so I have to be mindful of ordering it with enough time in advance otherwise my skin suffers when I don’t have any of it available. This product has also good reviews on makeupalley but I found it from the site of Dr Cynthia Bailey where she has a lot information backing up this product