1.  Take Notes!  Successful people are always writing down ideas and and taking notes from meetings.  Successful people are extremely busy and even the brightest of people can't remember everything.  Take notes and read them over daily.  Richard Branson is notorious for carrying a simple note pad with him everywhere.  



2.   Create Opportunity!  Every successful person has created there own opportunities.  J.K. Rowling created one of the most successful book and movie franchises of all time.  Rowlings was jobless and fresh out of a failed marriage when she put her energy into writing.  She created her own opportunity by writing the Harry Potter books and launching her career into an area few know.  

3.  Start Early!  You will find that most are up before 530am.  The reason is simple.  If you want time for fitness or alone time to get emails done the best way to do this uninterrupted is to do it before everyone else is awake.  Working out in the morning helps productivity throughout the day.  It also leaves time in the evenings for family or to get more emails done. 

4.   Surround Yourself With Successful People.   Find a way to have successful influences around you.  If not in person with successful people, then have books,  read articles, have pictures or quotes from well know successful people.  Find a successful mentor that has succeeded before you and cherish every piece of advice from them. 

5.  Have Massive Amounts of Positive Energy!  Success does not come easy.  You have to create great energy and use that to encourage and drive people that work with you.  Eat well,  sleep well and workout on a regular basis.  Know that being healthy keeps you sharp and productive.  When you vacation, use this as a way to recharge and get back to the daily hustle with the same great energy!